Saturday, May 22

Flag Day - aching legs, stingy Singaporeans, overpopulation, WRONG TIMING!

A seemingly ordinary flag day in aid of the Diabetic Society of Singapore (DSS) turned out to be a horrendous one. From around 8.30am, a few classes of students had already gathered around Cafe Cartel in Plaza Singapura waiting to receive their donation materials. Hours later... I (including others as well) experienced aching legs and tired joints. What's more, the general psychology of Singaporeans - being stingy - was proven to not be merely just a hypothesis but in actual fact - a FACT. Though faced with strong opposition and rejection, the students still had to persevere on... battling rude passers-by and even the mid-morning showers (of blessing perhaps?). Whatever the case, the main problem could be overpopulation - not only was there more than one school participating in a confined area, but the number of students involved per school really clogged up the Dhoby Ghaut, City Hall and Orchard areas like a choked sink. The situation worsened around noon when human traffic peaked especially at Orchard Road. The BIGGEST remark made, however, was the WRONG TIMING of the Flag Day, less than 10 days away from the Mother Tongue Written GCE 'O' Levels! What a time for rendering service to a community that needs help FOREVER! I personally feel that we should be allowed time to study, or at least revise our work before the day comes. Haiz... everything has a time of its own... perhaps it's not time for this CIP Programme now. Nevertheless, it was still a time of fun, laughter, peace & joy.


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