Friday, May 28

Tremendously HORRIBLE results

Argh... as expected... I'm among the last 5 positions in class. Worse yet, the bottom half of the Sec 4 Express cohort. Failed 2 subjects (F9s): A Maths & Combined Humanities. Didn't do too well for the rest either... damn. Obviously too busy with other commitments (or so says everyone); that's why my studies are so bad. Mom says I should get tuition but I doubt I have time for any, and whether I will improve much academically is another question. I'll just go along being quite good in languages and terribly bad in Maths & Sciences (especially Maths now!). It's been the same since primary school. My maths and science are only slightly poorer now. The inclination is just not there. I would have taken Music as an 'O' Level subject... but I thought that my school didn't have it until... well, recently. But it's too late now... damnit! Well I guess I shouldn't be posting too often now... MT 'O's in less than 3 days!


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