Monday, December 28

2009 Recap (Apr-Jun)

Continued from my previous post, here's a recap of all the major/interesting events of my life from April-June 2009:


3. Caught a concert (Hommage a Poulenc with Thomas Hecht & Friends) at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. Talented geniuses!

4. Jammed at Guitar 77 with my J-rock band at night, then went for an outdoor photo-shoot till the wee hours of the morning. Our chosen photo for our band profile turned out to be this one, shot at the top of a multi-storey carpark! LOL so cool right?

6. Attended a violinist friend's solo recital at the Arts House. You go girl!

11. Another usual day of rushing around... Met my polytechnic lecturer Wendy for lunch at Sushi Tei in town, then zipped back east for a gig rehearsal at home, followed by Hanson's 21st birthday celebration at Sculpture Square, and finally a band meeting at Heeren late at night. Whew! Here's us at Sculpture Square:

12. Grabbed a collection of cheap-sale movies at a warehouse sale at SAFRA Tampines, before meeting secondary classmate Shaun for the Good News Singapore event at the Indoor Stadium.

15. Finally - my first gig of 2009 (role as keyboardist), with Haze (vocalist) and Benji (guitarist) at Music Dreamer Cafe @ Marina Square. Here's a sample of our performance; more videos on my Facebook/Youtube accounts.

18. DMAT sophomore batch chalet/BBQ @ Costa Sands Downtown East - I brought along some horror movies to spook them out. We also met a polar bear!! =.="

19. Caught polytechnic schoolmate Syed's film feature at the Singapore International Film Festival @ Singapore Art Museum. We then went to Pit Stop Cafe (Boat Quay) for games; the photo below was featured on their website! (Photo no. 97 as of 28 December 2009) :)

24. SMU "Virtuoso" Grand Finals at NEXUS Auditorium, Cuppage Plaza - Played keyboard accompaniment for a song I had just learnt a few days ago. The vocalist emerged as the champion - congrats Eng Teck!

25. Cubase 5 Launch at SMU Admin Building - I thought I would be alone, but ended up meeting my classmates/schoolmates/lecturers... it's a small world indeed...

26. TRIPLE-BILL of rehearsals in one full day at 3 different locations: Raffles Place, Bukit Timah, and Aljunied!

30 April-3 May. Genting-KL Trip: Four fun-filled days at the City of Entertainment and the capital of Malaysia... Malaysia BOLEH! :) More photos/videos on my Facebook account... but here's a selection:


5. Dinner gig - 41SAR RSM COC Parade @ Kranji Camp II

9. Kamesh's birthday celebration @ SIA Sports Club (Changi), followed by Haze's birthday celebration at K-box (Marina Square).

16. Wedding gig @ Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel

23. Attended an anti-tobacco workshop conducted by the Youth Advolution for Health at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. Thereafter, we proceeded to a Fab & Smoke Free event at Tampines Mall, where I won a consolation prize of an iPod speaker/charger!


5. 6th Army Maintenance Base (6AMB) Family Day 2009 - yet another performance in camp! Pity we didn't take videos but only took photos after the event:

6-8. Went on a short trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Dad. Main intention was to check out the International College of Music (ICOM) there (as they have a tie-up programme with Berklee College of Music), but we visited several places of interest as well. Not forgetting shopping!

13. [Singapore Street Festival '09 Electric Youth!] D'J Party (J-Rock & Cosplay) - Finally, the day had arrived for my J-rock band to perform at *scape! Youth Park... here's one of the pieces we covered, Ayumi Hamasaki's "A Song for XX"; more videos on my Facebook/Youtube accounts.

Later that night, a birthday surprise for Joanne is planned and executed, just when she thought everyone forgot about her birthday...

20. Performed with friends at a private birthday party gig at SMU's Scréme Cafe. Earlier on in the day, I was officially inducted into the family of YAH ambassadors to promote health and wellness!

27. Took part in the SHINE Youth Mascot Parade, Asia's largest of its kind, as part of the Youth Advolution for Health (YAH) contingent. Spot me amongst a bombastic build-up of balloons, and with a PCK wannabe:

Next recap coming up soon: Jul-Sep 2009... stay tuned!


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