Sunday, May 30

The BIG Day

~yelps~ It's the BIG day tomorrow, wonder how I'll do... I scored a B3 for my mid-year exam but I wonder how tough tomorrow's paper will be. Failing tomorrow's paper means resitting for the MT 'O's at the end of the year. Argh! Didn't study much today; slept for a few hours ("knocked out") and slacked at my computer for the rest. It's not much use studying anyway - there are TONS - and I literally mean TONS of words/phrases to study (thousands of them, from Sec 1 right up to Sec 4)... if you haven't been paying much attention in lessons for the past few years, you're as good as a fried spring chicken. I believe it's more of foundation (from young) that matters... if you don't have "it", you DON'T. It's not a case of whether you want to or not. The fact is, different people are inclined towards different areas - some are better academically, while the rest are more technically-inclined. You are unique. You have your own personality, your own character, your own strengths, your own shortcomings. As for myself, yes - I am not so academically-inclined - so I have to accept that life's just the way it is...


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