Wednesday, October 27

Final few days...

Not going to be blogging for about a month now... exams Exams EXAMS! Chinese Paper's up first... I'd better get a grade that's higher than my previous B4... next is SS... hope I can at least pass decently (I failed Combined Humanities by 2 marks). Then English, then E Math, then A Math. Should've dropped A Math right from the start - waste of my efforts... just no good at Maths then still have to take A Math. Would've gone for the Qualifying Test if I had scored 1 mark less (failed) last year! This year my A Math grade has been constantly around F9... 20+ sometimes. Horrible. Anyway, better don't spend so much time typing all this crap now... have to go study (last revision of whatever there's left to revise - some of my basics especially are not very grounded yet)!


Anonymous What is the purpose of life said...

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3:33 am, October 30, 2005  

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