Tuesday, September 28

Prelims over... now comes the REAL thing...

The prelims are just over and the REAL exam is just about to begin in about a month's time. Hate the stupid education policy of the 1st 3 months JC experience. Really biased towards the academically good students and leaves the rest lagging behind. Luckily they're stopping it in 2006 (this year's batch is the last intake). The problem lies with the different standards of the Prelim papers in different schools - so it's hard to gauge how well a student has done at the National level. For me, I don't really mind not going for that JC experience. Would rather spend the time having a temporary job or just slacking around (of course, but doing something useful at the same time). Still remember the solemn atmosphere when the 'O' Level MT Results were released in early August... most of the students fared badly... quite a number flunked it... I got a B4. Students are already so hard-pressed (some even crying) at this minor release of results... imagine what the ACTUAL day of results next year would bring to them. For me, I wouldn't TRY to go to a JC if my results were not good enough... Poly. would be quite OK. JC does create a stressful atmosphere, whether light or heavy, and I am unsure of how our school's students will cope if they enter a, say... presumably good one like Victoria JC or Temasek JC, or even Hwa Chong JC (IF anyone can enter that)... is it just a coincidence that more teenagers coming from JCs commit suicide, after all? IS IT? Well, as for my progress in my revision, one last chapter of Biology to go before I close and start on E Maths. Going to briefly skim through E Maths as most of the content are already foundational and just going to pay attention to the parts I am more unsure of. After that, I'll probably go on to Physics or Chemistry.


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