Wednesday, September 1

Absolutely NO time left... about 2 months!

There's absolutely no time left to slack around - the 'O's are just around the corner and I'm just about to bang head-first onto it. The teachers all seem much more nervous than the students even though the teachers are not the ones taking the exams. Enough with all the pressure I guess - allow students to take a breather especially when some of them are literally PORING through their books like water through soil. Yes, lazy pigs like ME (M-E!) ought to be revising now instead of doing up my blog so nicely and spending SO much time online like some people know (everyday in fact!). But anyway, I'm not placing my life on the lifeline just to get that certificate that everyone's rooting for - not that I don't care or give a damn about studying - but I feel that it is rather foolish to pin ALL your hopes and dreams on studying... and then when you don't get the results you expect (even though you wanted an A1 but got an A2 instead), you FREAK OUT and just go nuts, binge on tonnes of food, or just climb over that parapet outside your house and let go - to you know where. I'm going to be rather pleased with a subject that I know I'm rather weak in but manage to get an average grade...


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