Thursday, August 12

MT 'O' Level Results - A Flop & A Failure!

No, not for me, but for the school. The overall MT results of the graduating batch of students were HORRENDOUSLY TERRIBLE... below National Average by a rather HUGE percentage. Terrible, terrible. Even for me. Only got a B4 for my overall with a Merit grade for the Oral Examination. Right now still thinking of whether to retake the End Year MT Exam in the hope for a better grade. The mood in class today after recess - SOLEMN. Dreary and dull, tears flowed rather freely (though not abundantly) as the results were read out one by one. Tears of joy were absent; tears of sorrow were rampant whether they were expressed outwardly or deep inside our hearts. For those who got A2, it was sickening that they could have gotten an A1 with five or less marks. Those who had failed had to accept the fact and probably work harder for the End Year Exam. It was a moment in time when everyone (almost!) realised that all these years of studying (since Primary One) were for a better career, a better future prospect and all in all a better lifestyle to support one's family. There were a handful of students who really wanted to clinch that A1 grade - for they wanted to go to the Junior College of their choice - others just wanted to count MT in as a subject for their L1R5/L1R4 and just had to get that distinction. Overall, it was a wake-up call for everyone - time was limited and the work to be done numbered by the masses. As one classmate put it, "This year's our one and only chance to do the best that we can achieve - lose it and you'll regret it - so work hard!"


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