Wednesday, July 21

A fortnight or so to Singapore's birthday...

Just changed my blog's theme and layout not too long ago... decided to put Singapore's birthday as the theme this time around... till about mid-August when I change it again. The header at the top for this theme is a collage of the National Day Parade, with photos showing the Singapore spirit. I got the photos and the background music from There's lots of other fun stuff, music and photos there too. Have a look-see if you have the time. Anyway, I hope I don't get copyright-infringed for using the photos at the top. After all, I didn't modify anything, I just arranged them. Feeling quite regretful that I participated in the online ballot for the NDP tickets too late - could have got them fairly easily otherwise. Anyway, it's really the fireworks I'm after - those spectacular displays of light that you can watch over and over again and yet not get bored. But I do have a Fireworks Outing coming up the 1st of August. Till then, happy birthday Singapore, and well wishes to you too who have made the effort to read this far.


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