Thursday, July 8

Tired man...

The cold weather and all that's bringing more illnesses around. Unsurprisingly, I'm also one of its victims. Had a flu for around a week already... getting worser as I'm typing this. Hope for it to get better soon - better go see a doctor. Yup and it's the school's pressure driving me NUTS as well. Especially the tons of homework that just never seem to stop PILING up. I'm always dragging each day's homework to the next day... cos' I'm finishing the previous day's homework. Am kinda sick of doing so much English work too, so far at least 2 comprehensions, 3 compositions and a poem in the period of this week alone! I don't find that it helps much other than just refreshing some vocabulary and sapping away my brain juice that I so DESPERATELY need for concentration and absorption in other subjects. Pissed off. Yes, and the Maths programme is starting next Monday for 7 weeks straight - and I'm going to get gastric again - starting at 2pm leaves me 20 minutes to eat? (which at most times I never have the chance to grab more than a few bites because I'm supposed to find teachers to collect the worksheet and have other matters to attend to). Argh! Tired, sick, sickening me! I ALWAYS get sick during exams. Not really because of the pressure because I do NOT study intensively or that much at all... really. But I've realised that that's the trend in the past few years and I'm DEFINITELY not looking forward to being in a sickly state for the upcoming (and I DO mean UPCOMING!!!) 'O' Levels. Gotta' go now - BUSY ME.


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