Saturday, June 19

A nicer layout template? Maybe not at the moment...

Been pondering for a very LONGGGGGGGGGGGG time on whether to change the template to a more complicated one - perhaps one that suits my blog better. In the first place, my blog doesn't even look like a blog at all - more like a personal website. No proper template - just posts, pictures and all the other interactive stuff. Yes, many other people use creative layouts, but I'd rather do them myself and be original than get my layout from somewhere else. I've not been able to do a reasonably good layout template because I'm only trained in basic Microsoft Frontpage and don't know much HTML, JavaScript or CSS coding. I don't specialise in webpage editing - but on the other hand, in graphics and video. So I guess I'll just have to cope with this lousy layout till I maybe read up more on HTML or go for some classes. Till then, this layout's here to stay - and I'll continue blogging.


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