Thursday, June 10

'round the corner but not really there

Holiday homework status: Physics TYS ½way 'thru; A Maths INCOMPLETE. I wonder when I'll ever finish that dastardly difficult subject. Nevertheless, I'll strive to finish Physics first. Get the easier ones over first. I've seen the recent news about Audioblogging - basically dialing a number with your phone anywhere in the world and having an mp3 file of your recording saved and posted to your blog - but I'm not using the free service at the moment though - not very confident of it. On another note, I just realised that there are 18 more days to the re-opening of school - darn. Time warps. The next big thing on my schedule is the class chalet - a time for us to chill out and hang out, and probably gain all that relaxation we need - especially having tuition EVERYDAY during the holidays (in some cases). *Now now, children - you wouldn't like to be seen as NERDS do ya?* Looking forward to a great time of exhilaration, enjoyment and enlightenment.


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