Thursday, June 3

Lolz... Are holidays BO-ring?

I've heard many people say that holidays are BO-ring. Well, at least recently. And the problem is, they haven't even started on their holiday homework and plan to cramp in during the last week or perhaps the last few days of the holidays. Not that I'm against it, but I find it rather awkward... I start my holiday assignments way before the holidays most of the time (this holiday was an exception because of the MT 'O's). Still, even though I constantly stuggle to finish it before school reopens, I sometimes am unable to. Others can start later and yet finish faster. Perhaps it's because I think slower, act slower and bloom slower. Especially when it comes to Maths, Science & Combined Humanities. Which covers the majority of the subjects anyway. Sometimes I wish I could take less academically-demanding subjects like perhaps Music, Mass Communications, Communications & Media Management, or maybe even Computer Studies. But of course, these are what you find in polytechnic and university. Not so soon. And back to the point, I honestly don't find holidays being so boring at all. YES, I agree that going back to school for remedials/camps IS boring, but that can't be helped. The rest of our time spent at home is up to US - OURSELVES, to make it less mundane and more exhilarating. It's all up to you to make the holidays what they are.


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