Wednesday, June 2


It's that time of the year - hell-i-days (holidays) are here again. Of course, everyone's got a busy schedule and many days are filled with remedials and tuition classes. As for me, I won't be going overseas (no time!) nor out of this island at all (to Pulau Ubin, Sentosa or whatever). The 3 days of break (actually 2 in fact, come to think of it) will only be the class chalet from 15-17 June at NSRCC. Quite a nice place in fact (dreamin' about the night walks that are so commonplace during overnight events). No sleepin' through the night, then watching the sunrise out on the breakwaters. Just b-e-a-utiful. Can't wait to go for the chalet... pity though they always end when life seems to be at its peak. ~*All good things have to come to an end*~


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