Thursday, June 17


3 days. 2 nights. 3 hours of sleep. Sad to end the chalet. Happy to be back home. Melancholy. Life's just great at a chalet, no matter what.

Seeing 4 soccer matches in 2 nights. Avid supporters in the class cheering on both countries in the soccer matches. Screams. Cheers. Hullabaloos.

BBQs that fed hungry mouths - not just one, but two. Food and beverage supplies that were brought to feed the hungry, the fatigued - 45 cups of cup noodles, about 50 bottles of mineral water, 7 loaves of bread, and many more, including 80 chicken wings.

A night walk that traversed through the rocks and breakwaters of the shoreline connecting to East Coast Park. Helping each other through the walk. Letting nothing hinder us - "every obstacle is a stepping stone to success".

Hundreds of photos taken. 45 minutes of video as well.

Fellowship that lasted days; friendship that lasts a lifetime.


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