Saturday, June 12

Happy Birthday Chao Shaun-boi!

Happy birthday to this BIG - and I mean BIG bully who gets easily irritated by my harmless (well, physically harmless) pranks and makes use of every opportunity there is to bully me. Go see his blog at and you'll find out why he is such a "bugger-boy". Hopefully this part, an extract from one of my Friendster testimonials to him, will describe my immense "annoyance" towards his "bullying" - "eh... everytime can't stop pissing me off one r... this guy... tt's y everytime i haf the opportunity to do so i try to pull out his uniform so he haf to tuck it in again... damn irritating to him siahz... so farnie to c him do tt so many times... :P" Enjoy your birthday, and bugger off/piss off/wadeva and go for your church camp! *It's a real pity you'll miss the class chalet though.*


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