Monday, June 14

*AWAY* ~15-17 June~

Away on a local holiday - the class chalet that I've been waiting for so long! I won't be able to blog then unless I can find an Internet connection. Unlikely. Anyway, the three most significant things about this chalet are: 1)15-17 June 2004! EXACTLY ½ a year after our previous chalet AT THE SAME LOCATION (different bungalow of course!) on 15-17 December 2003! 2)We have a birthday girl here - Beh Weiling, who was born on 16 June - 16 years ago! I wonder what's in store... 3)More than 90% of the class (of 41 students) is coming! That's a record for us since our previous 2 chalets only had 60-75% attendance. Furthermore, more people are staying overnight - we expect around 15-20 or hopefully more. Well, I guess it's kinda late now... almost 10pm... still left with a few things to pack - so I'll see all of you after the chalet then! ~5w33+ dR3@mZ!~


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