Monday, July 5

The Novelty of a Blog & Wanderings of the Mind

Have to admit it, it seriously is getting meaningless for many people to blog. It's like an online diary where you get tired out the more you write... the more you write... the more you write. Anyway, I feel quite the same - but that does not mean I'll stop blogging... just less frequently I suppose. Just sat for the MT 'O's (oral and listening comprehension) last week. Oral was terribly intimidating. Imagine sitting down in front of 2 examiners (both seem to be aces in Chinese - which, of course they were) and blurting out a limited range of vocabulary (so limited that even I forgot what "pedestrian crossing" was in Chinese). Terrible results stand before me. I'd be lucky even if I pass. Listening Comprehension was tricky and indirect. But I thought it innovative that the whole listening comprehension was broadcast over Symphony 92.4FM so that it could be perfectly "synchronised" all over Singapore. Well, next up is the internal English Oral Exam sometime this week. Not as scary though (anyway, it's not the REAL thing, so who bothers - not that I don't). One of the latest songs that I've been hearing recently: Nelly Furtado - Forca


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