Tuesday, June 22

Dreary & tired... grievances

~sigh~ The last week of the holidays has begun and before you know it, hectic school life hits you right "SMACK" in your face. I've been looking at the schedule of events for Term 3 and it seems that from Day 1 there's an endless hoard of Prelims, Oral Exams, internal tests and prepartory classes. The rush of Sec 4 life. It only seems like yesterday when I first stepped into the school. My uncle's been saying that if a student fails to learn, it's largely the teachers' fault. And on went that blabber about how lousy SHSS was (the teachers in particular) and the reasons why choosing a good (secondary) school was of utmost importance. The teachers suck - the students suck. Or so his view was. Not to be disregarded though, an elder's advice (in this case, he is nearing 60 golden years) brims full of experience - though you may argue that life then and life now are so much different - so how would these smarty-pants elderly people know nuts about the struggles of modern-day world - more so in relation to the average teenager. It's not that I don't believe him. You can say I'd just take it as a passing remark. Oh, and I'm expecting to freak out in Term 3 - probably having the ridiculous TONNES of homework at my feet, as if mocking at me for all their worth, screaming silently into my ears - cognizant of my inner stupidity. Yeah that's an exaggeration, but I won't exaggerate that the remaining ½ of the year will be an excruciating one for the Sec 4 cohort this year. (NB: Oh ya, the new school bell featuring a kiddish melody is much quieter, but I'm sure most of the school will think it SUCKS.)


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