Monday, June 21

1 more week left...

Yes! I mean - no! The dreaded days of school are nearing us. Term 3 - so fast. Sec 4s are gonna be pushed to the limits - the climax has yet to come. Teachers rushing to finish however much of the syllabus they can cover until - students struggling to grasp what was taught in class - many a time scoring distinctions with the sole aid of their tuition classes. What has the rest got to do? Those who bloom late, those who "just don't get it" and those who "are not cut out for it"? Wallow in self-pity? Fat hope. Perhaps it's time that we should accept each other as different in our academic talent. With that, I shall retire to sleep now - A Maths remedial at 0900hrs the next day awaits me. Tata~


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