Thursday, July 8

Celebrating 400 hits & more... HOT & niwde! celebrates 400 hits and more to its site in the period of less than 1½ months. An unexpected result of me creating this blog! This is due to widespread publicity online (thanks to all major search engines and other blogs that have referrals to my site). If you don't know by now, if you search for "Edwin Toh" on any major search engine, the first result that will come up is the link to my blog. Another feature of the blog that has been introduced recently is the dual-language translation which allows even people from overseas Chinese-speaking countries (e.g. China) to understand my blog... not that there are many of them in the first place. However, I do NOT have the time to translate every single word. Therefore, I only do it just for fun.庆祝超过400人看到了这个网络!谢谢各位关乎我的网络!经过短短的一个月半,已经有超过400人看见网络了.你只不知道,如果你在任何的major search engine擦了"Edwin Toh"这两搁置,第一个选这就是我的网络!那多好啊!好吧,我不写太多了;没有时间.以后再见!


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