Monday, July 19

Busy... as always!

"Term 3 Week 4 already, you better buck up if you haven't already done so!" Yes yes yes, all the gobbledegook of studies - having an average of two to three tests every day during these few weeks - it's truly sickening! The worst thing of all is that there's absolutely no time to revise for so many tests when a SLOWCOACH (slow thinker & absorber/ late bloomer) like me has already no time to complete my homework and tuition work, not including the daily revision of topics studied in school. Yes - you say it all boils down to TIME MANAGEMENT - the two words that are repeated ever so often, becoming hackneyed, ineffective "one ear in, the other out" statements. You know what I mean. Anyway, I currently have A Math tuition on Friday, try my best to attend the A Math remedial in school on Saturdays and have additional A Math tuition occasionally on Sundays. That's excluding the E Math programme in school on Mondays (so tiring - everyone's tired out after school and then we have more Math to do) and Physics remedial on Tuesdays. There are those from other subjects like English and Chemistry, but I don't go for those - yet. So I guess I better don't type too much now - this post's beginning to seem like a short essay. Off to my work - again!


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