Friday, July 16

Three Cheers for the Blogger Team!

3 cheers for the Blogger team! The post creator layout is now so much more flexible and user-friendly - the fonts and their appearances are so diverse. It's been great hosting my blog on Blogspot.Com! Just wanna thank Photobucket.Com as well for their great free image hosting service... and Bravenet.Com for their web resources, some which are on my site (email form, referral, poll, hit counter, etc.). Not forgetting Hello.Com for their image uploading and hosting software "Hello". In addition, a note of thanks to FlamingText.Com for helping me produce some of the headings you see on my blog. Gosh... I suddenly became so thankful and grateful for everything... what's wrong with me? *goes to psychiatrist* *diagnosed with split personality* *faints*


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