Wednesday, July 14

Healthy soon - I hope...

Tomorrow's my last round of medicine. Came down with flu about a week ago. Felt awful that I always got sick nearing the examinations. Now that there's a hiatus (no major exams for a few weeks, though tests almost every day), I'm getting on the track to good health - again. I hope I don't fall ill for the 'O's. Would be terrible, wouldn't it? All that money, all that effort, all that time - boiling down to a "sickly" you and not being allowed to sit for the most important exam of your life (so far). Anyway, there's been an awful lot of tests - as we expected in Term 3. The average day has 1 to 2 tests. We are expected to do well for these mock tests because we are supposed to be "revising our work 'fervently'". Honestly, me being me, I never had much time to study (not that I study MUCH either) - I count doing homework as a form of revision as well. Yes yes, you will be thinking that if I'm that busy - why the heck would I be sitting here and typing this stupid paragraph out? As if I have the time, right? I should be revising my work, right? RIGHT. But I'm not slacking right here with my darling old computer. I just type out my feelings when I feel like doing so - and thus out comes this entry. I find that it's better letting off some "steam" - residue that I've collected throughout the period of the day.


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