Sunday, July 11


It's that time of the year again when my body can't rely solely on its immune system to protect it. Just went to the doctor yesterday - at the expense of missing a remedial on A Maths. Common cold. Let's see - I have this whole stack of medicine to complete in about a week - 15 antibiotic pills, 15 pills for my running nose, 15 tablets for my phlegm and a bottle of black medicine for my cough. In addition, 60 folic acid supplement tablets for my anaemic condition - I'm not compelled to take them, but just take them for good health's sake (I won't fall ill if I do not take them). If you don't know me by now - I always tend to fall sick during the exam period (last week I fell sick - in the midst of the EL internal Oral and MT 'O' Level Oral and Listening Comprehension). So there you have it - me falling ill. Hope I get better real soon; more things are happening and I can't cope with a frail, weakened body.


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