Monday, July 12

How about this...

How about this... 3 periods of A Math lessons before the school bell rang, followed by another 1½ hours of E Math enrichment, followed by another 1½ hours of A Math self-study in school because I was held up by the rain. All without lunch - just some snacks. I was literally sleeping as I did my self-study pondering over some difficult Definite Integral questions. Fueled by the medication I had taken a few hours ago that made me drowsy and the cold and calm weather that made me feel sleepy, I was drifting in and out of sub-consciousness. Caught in a slight drizzle, I finally walked back home... realising that construction work had rendered one lift on the ground floor to be "stuck" as a worker was unloading heavy pipes. Pressing the button was no use as there was already a lift on the ground floor. Having no other choice, I lugged my heavy bag (and myself) up 4 storeys of stairs and took a lift from the 4th to the 10th floor. Now how about that! Dead beat when I reached home!


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