Tuesday, August 3

"Knocked Out" & Rantings

Been "knocked out" rather often these few taxing days - not literally but mentally. Not enough sleep, I guess - lack of interest in the subjects taught as well. I get kinda bored to death by certain stuff in Maths and Science, yeah, two branches of study I rather dislike. In the first place, I shouldn't really take on so many Math and Science-related subjects when I'm not even good or interested in them - it's like fitting on a pair of socks too large for your feet! I don't even wish to pursue anything related to these two fields of study - though their pay may appear prospective - it's a job that I have a passion in that I feel is equally, or even more important than a job that has a high pay accompanied by work you DREAD. Anyway, the school's having such an IMPRESSIVE number of ½-days this month of August - the long National Day Break, the celebration of its 70th anniversary and Teachers' Day. Yeah carry on having more and more ½-days and the only event the school will be CELEBRATING next year is the release of FANTASTICALLY HORRIBLE results by the graduating batch this year. Think otherwise for all anyone's business EXCEPT mine - it's already known that there's NOT EVEN ENOUGH time to complete the syllabus and there you go - more celebrations even though the Mid Year Examination Results were DISASTROUS?!


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