Sunday, August 15

To retake or not to retake?

That is the question. Maybe I should try to get a grade better than B4 by retaking the end-year MT 'O' Levels. But then again, there's 1 whole book more to study (not to mention that I've forgotten many Chinese phrases after the May exam). And there would be around 8 more other subjects that I have to take as well. I have got a few days left to make my decision. It's confirmed that the higher grade out of both the 2 results will be taken, so many people feel that - since there's THAT chance, we might as well just take in - in the hope of getting a better grade. As for me, I really don't know. I really DOUBT I will get a higher grade. It's not that I'm pessimistic or what, but hey I gotta face it - I don't remember much about what I have studied for Chinese, especially after the May exam, so how good will you think I will fare this time around if I take it? Anyway, I'm still discussing with Mum and we'll perhaps make "the decision" quite soon.


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