Wednesday, August 25

Am I a guai kia? You decide.

Haven't been posting regularly for quite a while already... been so caught up with my own activities. Everyone (except those who are obviously not interested in their studies) has visually and mentally been challenged everyday - with the regular mock tests, remedials and self-study. Getting good grades seem much easier said than done; they don't come without diligence and discipline to study hard and study smart. Yeah, and if you've been having that impression that I'm the kind of "guai kia" who goes home everyday just to study and that I'm getting very good grades throughout this year, you've terribly misunderstood me. Honest - I'm the type of person who really can't sit still, like for more than ½ an hour, or else I'll easily get distracted. I do not study much AT ALL - I spend more time doing my homework than studying (because I think slower and thus need more time to answer a certain question than the average student). My grades are neither that good; in the first place, they were NEVER among the best (yeah, only in Primary One or Two, but that's totally a different story). Guess what - my mid-year exam grades were shocking, perhaps more to you than to me - I held the notorious "pride" of one of the last few positions in class, and was very near to the middle of the Secondary 4 Express cohort in my Level Position. There, what did I tell you - I was NEVER the smart kid you may have thought me to be. So, am I a "guai kia"? You decide.


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