Tuesday, September 7

I am tired. Tired am I.

Yesh yesh, the prelims are next week. But I've become rather tired - quite quickly too - studying just Biology these past two days. Managed to complete only 5 chapters, though (plus revision with the Ten Year Series). Very VERY slow progress. And the rest of the subjects are still largely untouched. How am I going to scramble everything into my secluded mind in time. I really *puke* at the sight of memory-based subjects... there's so much to remember - all the fine details or dates that are just as likely to come out as the rest of the innocuous information. Subjects like Chinese (the vocabulary), Social Studies (those many boring chapters - mostly historical in nature and oh so many details), Geography Elective (though an Elective but dry, dull and dreary with all stuff like Agriculture and Manufacturing) and Biology (not only must I know my body but plants too? Plants have oh so many parts!). Even other subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry do not require such intensive memory skills but are more practical and have the you-either-know-it-or-not nature. Gosh, I better not type so much already... wasting my time (according to Mum)... catch you all sometime later - *gulp!* (I hope)


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