Sunday, September 5

The Irony of Late Realisation

How ironic but real it is to slacken all through your early years of education and then realise (too late) of the urgency of getting good grades just a short time before the actual exam. I guess that's human nature - we tend to procrastinate things that we don't like to do or feel are less important that what we are currently getting our shoes into. After the exam, we then regret and realise that we should have studied earlier and not have slackened during our free time. It's an indescribable feeling and a terrible regret that everyone faces whether to a large extent or not. It's hard to persuade a student over the urgency of studying before time runs out and it's too late to do any revision. No one has found a solution to this irony yet... perhaps the only way of going through this "realisation" is experiencing it personally - the setbacks and the regrets. As for me, I'll go study now - don't want to be a regretter.


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