Monday, September 13

Prelims are here... Chem/Bio Practical

Of all things a piece of liver that bubbles incessantly after reacting with some liquid chemical and rises to the top of the test-tube, nearly overflowing and exposing all its yellow excretory products in all its glory. That was the Biology Practical. The liver really stank. Hoobastank? No, Liverstank. Not only that, I broke a petri dish. It slipped out of my fingers like an eel and happily rolled to the edge of my table, giving me that "catch-me-if-you-can" look before hopping down to earth and getting smashed into smithereens. And it was smiling. No, just exaggerating. Anyway when it came to the part where we had to sketch some bean, it was just terrible 'cos I hadn't revised fully till that part about Reproduction in Plants yet. Next came the Chemistry portion. At one instance where we had to test what gas this certain Solution Q produced, the answer loomed just ahead of me. What other "popular" gas sends you rolling head over heels with its insane stench and knocks the living daylights (and nightlights) in you but ammonia, the infamous "stinker of the gases". Didn't really bother testing for it though I did. And it was ammonia anyway. What a stinking day... haha...


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