Tuesday, September 28

Word of Advice to any graduating Student

By the way, if you're a graduating student and reading this... DON'T try to go for JC if you CAN'T (academically)... you'll only be at the losing end if you end up struggling inside there and WORSE STILL - DROP OUT to Poly. and end up spending an equal or even HIGHER period of time in Poly. instead. It's not that only by going JC will you stand a better chance of getting rich because of a higher income - Poly. and even ITE students do make it as well. This is not some propaganda or something against JCs, but just a word of advice to those aspiring SMART wannabes who really can't make it at such a high level of education and would be better off at a slightly lower level.

As for me, I would rather get a job that i have PASSION in (not just the $$$) and not just aim for materialistic wealth like the majority of people work for. I want to come home RELAXED and REFRESHED, and not burdened out by the hectic RUSH of even a higher paid job. In class, likewise, I often am among the small group of RELAXED people who don't FREAK OUT at every small little result or detail. Yes, you have to be serious, but not SO much that your every jargon is all about your worries and the exams you just had.

You know, another thing is that I don't like to talk about exams just after it ends. What can you do to change it? By being foolish and squabbling about which of your answers in the exam are right, you are just DEMORALISING the other party and BURDENING and WORRYING yourself with the crazy, retarded BURDEN called the "UNCHANGEABLE"! So just let go of whatever bottled-up emotions you have and you will find that each day is more worth living for - not just to go to school and getting PSYCHED up over exams but, more importantly, building up an atmosphere of love and harmony among fellow students.

Then you can encourage each other in times of need, NOT pull down one another with your nonsensical GIBBERISH like "No, I assure you MY answer is correct one - Mr So-and-so say one, yours is wrong" or "What did you put for question 11b? I put 245, what you put?" or "How was the paper? Damn difficult right? Not easy hor?" or "Aiyah SURE fail one la, I yesterday never study at all leh". WHAT'S THE POINT OF SPOUTING ALL THIS USELESS GIBBER?!?!?! You are just DISCOURAGING one another indirectly and making each other more NERVOUS. Cut the crap!


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