Tuesday, December 29

2009 Recap (Jul-Sep)

Continued from my previous post, here's a recap of all the major/interesting events of my life from July-September 2009... I admit I did not have much of a "social life" for the second half of 2009 due to the lack of time; juggling camp work with the many gigs and other musical projects took a toll on my health and hours of sleep.


4. Celebrated Jeremy's 21st birthday at his place!

5. After an organized meetup of singers & songwriters at the Red Dot Museum, had dinner with diploma classmate Jasmine at Ichiban Boshi @ Esplanade... oishii ne!

11. The news came so suddenly that I was in shock when I got the SMS that my polytechnic schoolmate and friend Edwin Lim had passed on... tears flowed freely and many heartfelt experiences with him were shared at the packed memorial that evening. Edwin, I will always remember you for the fun, joy, and laughter you brought to me and everyone else around you - remember during the chalet when Wendy called "Edwin!" and both of us turned around at the same time? Though I've known you only briefly through our school's Theatre Compass and "An Inspector Calls" play, you were very encouraging and caring towards me and the rest; somehow wish we had got to know each other more... =( you will be sorely missed... RIP bro. God bless.

25. Two birthday parties: Snowlin's 21st at the Khalsa Association and Si Ling's 21st at her place... here's poly schoolmate Natasha and I at Si Ling's bash (haven't got the photos with the birthday girls yet! =x):


2. Another 21st birthday celebration, featuring my talented vocalist friend Misty:

7. Gig: Potong Pasir CC 44th National Day Celebrations Dinner (accompanied vocalists with community/National Day songs)

8. Dinner @ IKEA Tampines - the long-awaited secondary school gathering! It was great to have some of us together again and catch up with each others' lives...

9. Gig: Singapore's Got Youth Talent 2009 Grand Finals @ Bishan Junction 8 (accompanied vocalist with 2 songs on keyboard). Later on, caught the National Day fly-past and fireworks!

10. Huiming's birthday celebration: steamboat @ Bugis. In the following instructional video, chef Huiming gives the uninitiated some basic lessons in cooking!

11. Gig: Back to my alma mater Singapore Polytechnic for a guest performance with a vocalist at its School of Business (SB) Talentime 2009 Finals...

16. Besides the Army Half Marathon in the morning (I ran 10km), it was also a significant day - 300 more days to ORD! Time flies, as of "press time" I've a 160+ days to go to ORD!

29. Lydia's farewell dinner at her place... she was flying off to the States to study music at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Jokes abounded through the evening as we reminisced our school life and lessons, with the funniest (according to Winnie) being me mixing up the term "rondalla" (an ensemble of plectrum instruments, stringed instruments played with a plectrum or pick) with the Venetian "gondola"! ROFLMAO!

25, 31 August & 2, 9, 14, 16, 23, 30 September - Live (paid) gigs @ C.Nai Hong Kong Xpress cafe at East Coast Park's Marine Cove... thanks to Karyn, Benji, and Woon Han for coming down to support my vocalist and I on several of those nights!


19. Ace's 21st birthday BBQ at Pasir Ris Park (group photo unavailable)

25. Gig: accompanied vocalist on keyboard in Ark Singing Talent Contest (Semi-Finals) at ArkHub @ Kallang (Mu Chuan)

Check back soon, the final recap for Oct-Dec 2009 is in production!


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