Tuesday, November 2

Got to endure... 20 more days...

Almost there, almost there. Just have to endure through these final 20 days. The 'O' Levels have been moderately difficult so far... there's English tomorrow... hope the topics that come out are easy to relate to... gosh. Just can't explain the feeling of "letting go" all of the information in your brain on a particular subject after the subject's paper has ended. Anyway, glad my blog's hit over 1000 posts! Yeah not a big deal for many people, but at least the site's got some traffic. Why else would I bother to continue blogging? As if keeping a diary? No... oh ya I have a CCA Council chalet just after my final paper on the 23rd (argh - later than almost everyone because of Combined Bio/Chem)... so looking forward to it... ENDURE ENDURE ENDURE!


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