Tuesday, November 16


At almost exactly the time of this post in one week's time - my world will be relieved of a heavy burden that has been plaguing the minds and intelligence of (oh) so many people. Who ever likes (enjoys) examinations? Life's been VERY m-o-n-o-t-o-n-o-u-s these past few weeks (and months) - have been doing nothing much (really nothing much) except (trying to) study. The environment's been not rather conducive with construction work going on in the near vicinity every so often. They're always doing it at the wrong time. What with tearing down and replacing the lift lobby tiles, repainting blocks of flats, building sheltered linkways - and taking a darn long time on all of them. OK... I'll try not to blog so much about exams already... makes it even worse... going to study... see you all in about a week's time.


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