Monday, November 8

½way through the exams

Around a fortnight to go. The standard of the 'O' Level Examinations has been (surprisingly?) easy, or should I say, easier - than the Preliminary Examinations. Especially for subjects like E Math and Social Studies (so far), I guess we didn't expect such straightforward, in-your-head kind of questions. Anyway, today was E Math Paper 2 - the longest paper in terms of duration - 2½ hours. Almost didn't finish part of the paper - rushed till the very last minute. It had to be on a Monday. Monday blues. Anyway, the rest of the class's got about a week to do some last-minute revision while I have my second (and final paper) for this week - Combined Chemistry. Last year's graduating batch boasted of distinctions in their 'O' Level Combined Sciences results - especially for Chemistry/Biology which brought back 100% distinctions. Precisely what I'm taking. If I don't get a distinction, then that nice, round figure may be reduced. Not that I really care anyway.

Have been attending this 40 Days Of Purpose - The Purpose Driven Life course, and I got to say that it's been greatly applicable to life even as it is drawing to a close. Hosted by St. Andrew's Community Chapel (SACC) in Simei, the course helps you discover what you are here on Earth for - just slacking around, getting the five "Cs", or taking part in the paper chase? Definitely not, there has to be a much greater purpose. Anyway, I really appreciate SACC for their warm hospitality in taking care of its visiting members - to the extent that they shower you with care and concern that you never really expected. They really star in their hospitality provision.

Hafta go study Chemistry now, till the next blog. Chaoz!


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