Monday, June 6

DMAT - you rock.

I've been so caught up with polytechnic life that I've just managed to squeeze in a bit of my precious time to blog about recent developments.

Life rocks at Singapore Polytechnic (SP). As has been the focus of my previous posts. Polytechnic propaganda they might seem, but I'm not intending to show any bias towards Junior Colleges, Centralised Institutes, Institutes of Technical Education or private schools here. Just frankly describing my experiences.

It's now (as I'm typing this) the start of Week 2 in school. Got to know my classmates better, 43 of us including me in all. Although I must admit I still can't match certain names to faces. You know - girls' Chinese names that are so similar to one another.

DMAT (Diploma in Music & Audio Technology) life is great - an exclusive luxury lusted after by hundreds of applicants. For the privileged 43 of us who got into the course, we could have asked for no more. For one thing, we get to create our own digital music in the MIDI & Synthesis module. Another unique thing we get to do that no other course offers is to stage our own group/solo performances in public areas (we're coming to it not so soon yet though) in the Peformance module. And - we study in an air-conditioned environment for all our lessons - no workshops or laboratories for our course.

If there has to be a down-side to this course at all, it would probably have to be the Musicianship module, where we're covering Music Theory at an impressive speed (presumably EIGHT grades in one semester/half a year) as part of our Musicianship module. Our timetable is rather packed, ranging from 9/10am to as late as 5pm (for Friday), with breaks of only 1 hour per day on certain days. But this is perhaps of our present process of adaptation to polytechnic hours; we're not used to such a hectic schedule yet - but we'll get used to it in time.

Sidetracking now to the CCAs I joined during the CCA Week last week: Campus Crusade for Christ, Info-Comm Tech (ICT) Club (my faculty's club) and Community Services & Cultural Club. 3 in all. But the two clubs are what they call "non-commitment-based" - which means I don't really have to be a REAL active member all the time. So my main CCA would be of course Campus Crusade.

Ack. Gotta go sleep soon so I can't blog anymore.

DMAT. --*Exclusive. Exquisite. Experiential.*--


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