Friday, April 15

Medical check-up for what?

Just went for my medical check-up and X-ray examination today. It was required in order to enter polytechnic. Kind of a useless requirement for my course, Music & Audio Technology anyway - like probably the only key thing to check would be whether I was hearing-impaired? Unlike courses like Nautical Studies where eyesight is important.

It's so "dots". Had to go all the way to Bedok Central. Never mind. $22 for a few "glance-glance" check-ups is not worth it at all (well, at least they despatched the medical reports and X-ray film directly to Singapore Polytechnic).

Upon entering the clinic, I discovered that there were numerous others waiting to be checked up too. Was this why the check-ups were so brief? Waited for almost half an hour then got called in by a nurse. My height, weight and blood pressure were taken within a minute. Then followed a super fast vision and colour deficiency test. Never mind.

Next was the urine test. Had to re-do it later. Didn't know why the nurse asked me to do so. Anyway, there were others who had to re-do it too so I guessed it was a matter of accuracy. Never mind.

The irking part was when I met the doctor face-to-face. I thought it was going to take at least some time, what with so many items to scrutinize me for (eyes, mouth, teeth, gums, abdomen/pelvis, spine, mental disposition, heart, lungs, the list goes on). It ended up I was in there for less than THREE minutes!

Went in, sat down. Showed her my alpha thalassemia trait lab report. Light shone into my eye and mouth. Heartbeat and pulse rate measured quickly. Laid down on the bed. Got my abdomen checked. Got up. Thank you (yeah right) and went out.

Super irritated. So many other things she didn't check for. Racing for time I suppose, so more patients could be seen? Then I went up to the second floor for an X-ray. Expectedly, it took less than 15 seconds (excluding waiting time) or else I would get so much radiation in me that everyone within a hundred metres of me would get radiation sickness (obviously kidding).

So that concluded the medical check-up. Short and bitterly incomprehensive.


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