Wednesday, March 30

Calendar of Agenda (March)

A look-back on what I busied myself with in March 2005...

7 Mar
Deadline for JAE Application (extended)
Help out Sec Sch Maths Programme
10 Mar
Synergy Nite II (School Concert) @ Victoria Concert Hall
11 Mar
Secondary Class BBQ @ East Coast Park
19 Mar
Cycling @ East Coast Park
& HSBC TreeTop Walk Outing @ MacRitchie
15-17 Mar
"Child-sitting" @ Aaron's house (phew!)
21 Mar
Help out Sec Sch Maths Programme
22 Mar
Posting Results of JAE Application
25 Mar
Good Friday
27 Mar
Easter Sunday
30 Mar
Checked out Singapore Poly. with Sec. Sch. classmate


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