Wednesday, February 16

Dear Sky...

What's Singapore coming to - a dry spell and a plague of irritating mosquitoes? The weather's been so freaking hot down here that it hasn't rained for weeks. I personally haven't met a raindrop since like - early January this year? Oh wide, wide Sky, if you've decided to hold your bladder you shouldn't - not for so long - you might just get some pelvic disease like bladder failure or something (yeah I'm being sarcastic). So why not you just empty your bladder soon, Sky - but not to sudden or too much at a time too - we don't want floods or the title of another Atlantis. Anyway, you've caused enough trouble already - fires in Punggol and other grassland areas in Singapore, brown dried-up grass that seem to have perished in some desert country and - WORST OF ALL - an irritating plague of mosquitoes that just never seem to get enough bite (I mean, blood). Sarcasm aside, even ensuing fogging of drains and their surroundings never seem to have much use - I still see a few mosquitoes buzzing around for all their worth be it day or night. To the point that my ex-Physics teacher was warded in hospital rather recently for a bad bout of dengue fever. Sometimes I feel that maybe I should sleep under a mosquito net or keep a bottle of Mortein nearby so I can whack/spray the heck out of that daredevil "mozzie". So Sky, oh Sky - why not just comply and send the stormy clouds - I wouldn't want to wake up one day to find myself in desert utopia.


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