Wednesday, January 5

Change of Direction in 2005

My first post (this one) in 2005 finally appeared. Just one resolution, one hope - that aid will reach the remaining survivors of the recent tidal wave tragedy quickly so that no more lives may be lost.

I will be changing the "direction" of my blog in the months to come. To start off, in order to flow along with the uprising blogging trend worldwide - I have decided to change the content of my blog beginning this year to include more personal in-depth information and day-to-day reviews about myself. This will especially apply to my posts, since a blog, after all, is an "online diary/journal" - but mine looks more like a personal website.

Secondly, I will try to impersonate a "friendlier" tone of writing which will make my posts more user-friendly in a way.

Thirdly, a calendar of events that I will be involved in - in the near future - will be put up. The events may include my friends' birthdays and important appointments.

Even so, the quality of my posts (especially in language, grammar, vocabulary and spelling) will not be changed. I will still have a variable header image (changes from time to time) and of course, the right song for the right occasion playing in the background (also variable). My tag-board will still remain and so will the links, graphics and thumbnailed photos in the sidebar.

As always, thanks to you, the viewer for taking your time to view my blog - such that the number of hits have ballooned to 1,500 since June 1 last year. My half a year of blogging so far have been a great way to store my memories and times of my life online for posterity.

And if you ever want to return to my blog in future, just access my shortened domain ( or search for "Edwin Toh" (me) at any major search engine, which will give my address among its first few results.


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