Monday, December 6

CG Sentosa Outing

Just came back from Sentosa from my CG's Sentosa Outing and my skin's colour is somewhat like the colour of this font I'm typing it... some parts even darker. Argh... the weather's been funny recently - at times the sky cries as if it's just got a hurtful beating - other times it's so sunny (and harmful - with all its UV rays and whatnot). Anyway, the main unforgettable part of it was the games - especially the telematch! Imagine having a "sumptuous" meal of Tic Tacs in plain flour, whole bananas with Coca-Cola mixed with wet sand and more flour (not to mention saliva and the whatnots that come out of a person's mouth when he regurgitates)! To top it all up, getting an uncooked egg smashed into smithereens all over your hair (and face, and mouth, and arms, and...) as dessert! Really pee-you disgusting - and that was after lunch. Blech! So when your entire body after the whole game was floury, monkey, gassy, salivary and yolky, you run (with around 20+ others) to the sea and start washing in it. And spit in it. Although I've just had a bath, I still can smell that eggy stench of raw eggs somewhere on my body. I'll have second thoughts about having eggs for my future meals.


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