Saturday, November 27

A new phase in life!

Hiyee! Haha... back at last from a 4D3N chalet (2 chalets, in fact) and rather overwhelmed that the exams are finally over! I'm now kind of direction-less and sense-less, not knowing where I'm headed next. Been talking rather much in the past few days (even when obviously not many were listening)... the after-effects of nerdiness-turned-playfulness. Oh ya, and not to mention suffering for 3 nights with less than 8 hours of sleep in total - perpetually turning me into a "retarded, hallucinating walking zombie"! So now that I have a bit more free time - guess I have to get down to the urgencies of life - at least for now. Getting the class graduation video donw by next March, helping Mum do shopping (and carrying lots of groceries) and keeping the house clean (housework!) are the major tasks that need to be done. A-dui... that's actually quite a lot already... so I'm looking forward to the class chalet (to be confirmed!) on 15 December... to another round of fun and fired-up excitement! Will be displaying photos of my latest going-ons on the sidebar to the right, so do come back and check them out!


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