Sunday, November 21

Final exam papers... see you after the chalet!

Konbanwa everyone! Haha... if you haven't found out yet, I've added this (lame?) useful translating add-on to my blog - near the bottom of the page. You can translate my blog (quite accurately) into the language of your choice (which is, almost for everyone - English, so what's the point of translating anyway?) Anyway, it caters to the minority of the foreigners who don't understand English (reminds me of "Catering to the Minority Groups" in Social Studies).

Crap aside, I'm really going nuts over almost everyone else finishing their exams already and the minority (including me!) having to wait for FOUR more dreary days for our papers to complete. Getting it off my mind is difficult - but what can I do - but slog on just for these FOUR more days (actually it's less than TWO more days the moment I was typing this).

Studies aside, PARTY PARTY PARTY! Chalet's coming on real soon (Tuesday 23 November)... and I'm going hyperactive over it even as I'm sitting here typing. You can click on the hyperlink (on my title for this post, above) to get to Aloha! Loyang Resort (kind of propaganda, don't you think?) They have a real wide range of units to cater to different budgets - and it so happens that the coming one's going to be one of the largest (I suspect it's the LARGEST) type of units! That's not all - I'm coming back on Friday (25 November) - because this CCA Council chalet's before ANOTHER chalet at the same location but on a different day! And I've got 2 BBQs on 2 consecutive nights! Was supposed to have another one less than one week before these 2 BBQs - but I chose to stay at home and study. After all, too much carcinogens does the body no good.

Well, I guess this post's quite long (compared to many of the previous few)... but I'm not blogging for quite long too... so I'm making this one a bit longer. So here's a "Good Luck" and "Relax!" to myself for the final papers and a "Play hard!" and "Enjoy" for the coming chalets! See you all when I get back! Signing off!


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