Tuesday, November 30

Fun for the next month!

It's quite funny how I've been trying to get Mrs Gan on the phone, on MSN Messenger, on Friendster, and over e-mail - for hours before I blogged this - and finally finding out that she's away in Bali and will come back soon. You see, I was urgently trying to get her to ask her some details over the upcoming class chalet. It started with her Friendster-messaging me and I was trying to get back (to her - not at her). Then days passed without any reply and I got fed up (a bit, naturally) and anxious. The iniquities of the human mind. Anyway, it was timely that I realised that she was away on a holiday.

Looking forward to the next month. December dazzles with a class chalet, an outing to Sentosa, a lunch gathering, and probably another dinner gathering. So much to do, so much to see, so much of December fun. However, I've been feeling rather awkward not being at my table studying - but spending time on the computer for the large part of the day - getting stuff done (mind you - not playing).

Before I forget, I've completed my blog's Christmas layout... enjoy the layout and the music! Meanwhile, it's getting late down here... *yawn!* Guess I need to get more sleep... see you then!


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