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What a catastrophe that has happened - what more at the end of the year 2004. The Asian killer waves have swept away fragile and innocent lives that deserved more years to live - especially the poor locals that were already suffering before the incident. It is definitely the DISASTER OF THE YEAR - or maybe even the CENTURY. The tragedy has grieved nations so much that no amount of aid, no matter how large - can cure the heartbroken souls of the surviving families and relatives of the victims - the aid only alleviates the pain temporarily.

Endless mourning heralds the new year as time passes, even more so slowly for those directly affected. Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi ordered all major New Year celebrations to be called off, following the tsunami disaster on Sunday. Singapore cancelled its live telecast of The Nation's Countdown 2005 (although the event itself carried on) in view of the sombre mood. Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand also declared days of mourning.

Holy books such as the Bible and the Qu'ran have prophesied earthquakes and the like that would happen in the "final days". We are living in the "end times" - but how soon is the actual "end"? The next second, minute or hour could be it. But no matter what, we should take whatever precious time we have left to love and care for our loved ones. By the time we reach the final years of life, it is perhaps useless to contemplate over what we have done in the past years and wished that the clock could have been turned back in time.

Many deep condolences to those who have loved ones that have been affected by the tsunami.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a twenty-something from New York. How close to home is the tsunami to you?

You look like you are a happy person, and the world is at your fingertips. Enjoy your youth, and seize the day, seize your future. Good luck!

2:14 pm, December 31, 2004  
Blogger niwdehot said...

Hi anonymous... I actually reside in Singapore, which was not affected by the tsunami. Thanks for your comment - I don't really get many at all - in fact yours in the second one on my blog since I started it. Do you have a link to your website/blog so I can link back? Cheerios and good luck to you too!

11:11 pm, January 05, 2005  

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