Friday, December 17

Post-chalet reminiscences

Haven't blogged for quite a number of days - if you were wondering where I was - I just came back from my class chalet @ Aloha Loyang. That is really the biggest and most spacious place (if you booked the more "high-end" units) you could book if you have a large number of guests! Even for the lower-cost units, the place is still larger than the average chalet unit.

We had so much fun in the pool there - what with 3 jacuzzis (the warm water rocked!), the slide (whee!) and the main pool (quite cold though). And we all grew small and became little children once again in the playroom - even getting into "snowball fights" with the small playroom balls that were abundant in the room. The soccer/basketball court gave us a chance to pit our skills against the best of our class. And the night walk out to Downtown East and a 24-hour coffeeshop satisfied our hungry tummies - but didn't keep us warm for long.

Many many thanks to Mrs Gan who voluntarily, without asking, booked this chalet for us. It probably would be the only class chalet for some time to come (unless someone books one next year - reunion gathering or something). However, though the place was big, we only stayed one night (the other night was for her family/relatives). Though the attendance was quite good (30+ people out of 41), it was quite a waste that not that many stayed overnight - despite the 4 rooms that could easily accomodate all of us.

So this brings the number of chalets/BBQs I've attended in November/December so far to THREE - good life huh... not really - quite tiring to plan for the recent chalet - calls after calls, bringing utensils and lots of other stuff was the modus operandi, the manner of working, for the weeks beforehand.

I do hope my secondary school classmates stay in touch. But I'm sure they will. Haha. 'Cos it's really secondary school classmates that go through most of the ups and downs in our lives - when life takes a bend in the road - they're there to help and encourage us. Recently I've met my primary school classmate on a bus - almost didn't recognise him - it was him who introduced himself to me. You see, I've not been returning to my primary school (Tampines Primary) since I entered secondary school - not even for Teachers' Day, as is customary. So I've lost contact with my primary schoolmates/teachers. But now that he has my phone number - I guess I won't be forgotten for their future gatherings.

Signing off with fond memories


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