Friday, January 28

Worn out - don't just involve a few

I am indefinitely exhausted. The past week was a hurry-scurry of events.

Starting it off on a high (literally) tone was the HSBC TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie on 21 January I went with Aaron and his family. Up in the treetops way so high on a shaking suspension bridge, my stomach whirred with acrophobia - thank goodness I had not eaten much beforehand. Hours later while watching Elektra at Golden Village Tampines, I was nearly dozing off from fatigue - the result of lack of sleep contributed as well.

The day after that (22 January) was my paternal grandma's birthday dinner - I had much fun playing hide-and-seek with my little cousins. At least that was not physically as tiring as the day before.

Thursday (27 January) was the Lower Secondary Cross Country Run and I was the official photographer. Not used to waking up early and having stood without sitting for hours, I was extremely tired by late morning when the event ended.

Then comes this week - most of the weekdays of this week were spent lavishly on the PowerPoint I made for my secondary school's 4th Student Council Commendation Service - held today (January 28). Then my computer had to generate some hard disk problems - causing the PowerPoint that I had created - even the back-up copy - to fail to open. Lucky for me I had the 1st draft copy (my 2nd draft was affected) - but that meant I had to re-do most of the PowerPoint all over again. All over again - editing/cropping/resizing of numerous photos and arrangements of almost 60 slides - my final product was completed, edited and revised on the actual day itself (before the Service today).

I guess next week's going to be another rush (according to my Calendar of Agenda in the sidebar to the right). After I collect my 'O' Level Results, I won't be helping out in school so much - well, as my mum puts it - "the school is government-subsidized. They have money to employ workers to work for them." (She's unhappy that ex-students are still needed to come back to help the school.) Which abruptly connotates the statement that "schools should rely on their current students and teachers to do most of the work of the school."

I don't know why, but maybe I shouldn't be showcasing, consciously or sub-consciously, my skills and availability so much - almost every help that I provide to others now relates to either music or Information Technology (more of this). Maybe the school should involve others - which often is the problem, again. I mean, there has got to be at least a number of people in the school that have skills in music and IT; most of them just don't express it or don't want to "get involved". It always has to end up with the teachers and the few same people on which the burden is piled on. And you end up with weary individuals that bear the brunt of reprimand, and on the other hand selfish fellows that just create more and more trouble for these individuals.

Or - maybe I've got to learn - and learn I must - to say "No".


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