Tuesday, January 18

Yet another cyber-spam incident

It seems that some people have nothing better to do than to derive pleasure from the cruelty inflicted upon others - sadism. The incident this time got about because my cousin had a link on her blog - to my blog. Apparently, she was in a feud with her enemy. So it seems that her enemy got someone (or maybe a few) to "spam" her blog - and mine got affected as well (given the link). Adding on to my blog's then "cheena" (chinese) design and use of words, and a photo of mine with a rather prominent moustache (hey, what's so wrong - being a boy!), a war of words ensued on her tagboard...

edwin (nude hot) <- someone impersonating me
i have alot of time to spare, haha! GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!

edwin (nude hot) <- not me again - don't worry it contains no sexual content; i'm not showing it though
hey dearest cousin, i made a nice graphic for you.. must go and see ah!

evon <- replying to the previous comment
you're so NOT my cousin :P you're really pathetic, resorting to using other ppl's identities

edwin <- finally the TRUE me
dun think i dun noe who u r... mr. SADIST... wif all yr stupid pix and stuff... sthu!

samuel and gang <- the sadistic culprits
even if you know me, what can you do? you're just a loser who cant make it to jc and extras about your old secondary school. oh yeah, gung hay fat choy, LOL.

samuel and gang <- the comments continued...
anyway, apparently you're stupid enough not to know what a sadist is. oh, do remember to get a razor to shave off your... moustache, you look like a perv, LOL.

edwin <- the TRUE me again
apparently someone doesn't know that another meaning of sadism is the "deriving of pleasure from cruelty"...-_-"

samuel and gang <- the culprits in their most agonising statement
LOL. My vocabulary is more extensive and accurate than yours, neighborhood school kid. is that applicable here? are you me? do you know if i derive pleasure from cruelty? in reality, i'm just disgusted with the both of you"deriving of pleasure" is not a valid conjunction, so please re-examine your english, "academican". now go shave off your moustache, you loser.

samuel <- don't know where the "gang" went
anyway, evon, nothings being said to you now, no worries, i have no problems with you, actually no real problems with anyone. in fact, i don't even know you, so there.. have fun in mjc! :) i'm just suggesting edwin shave his moustache off:) rofl, thats it:) kthxbey

Evon <- my cousin replying to the previous comment
so lets' bury the hatchet now ok? Though I'd like to add that 'neighbourhood school students' aren't necessarily stupid or losers. Many times they beat ppl from 'branded schools' hands down attitude wise! In the end it's attitude that matters.

And so that's a brief synopsis of what happened - I can't believe some people have so much time in the world to poke fun at other people - but now the matter's settled (I guess), I hope they won't ever EVER pester me again. Sadists.


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